Thursday, May 6, 2010

Metal coloring oh my!

Hi! Another cloudy beachless day for me, sooo I'm gonna share this tid bit of info with ya'all'<- that there is mex-tex gone countree! lol
Ok anyway...I don't always like my charms to have that silvery color, I would like them to match my projects, but it would cost me an arm and a lecture from my Hubby if I went and bought all the metal stains I needed to match my enormous paper collection! Sooo, being that I own a Nail Salon (Salon Mistique convientlly located in beautiful Flor... oopps not a commercial huh?) lol needless to say I have tons of nail polish. Nail polish is inexpensive and comes in tons of colors! yay! (Stop me if you know about this already ok?) but here is what I do...

This sun face has some dark stain built into it.

After he is all dry, I apply GLOSSY ACCENTS (it seals the charm making it durable)... I love that stuff , I do truly believe they should sell it by the gallon!  and then I use the charm on my projects.  This little guy I used on one of my doodles "Fernando" you can see more detailed pictures of "Fernando" on my blog over at

here is a preview... the sun charm is around the neck, it matches perfectly!...too cute!

(Fernando will be a digi stamp as soon as I can figure out how to do instant download.)

Hope you can use this...THANKS for stopping by and 
God Bless...


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