Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One for the boys!

Everyone is always talking about wanting more boy theme cartridges and when you think about it you dont see alot of boyish things made.....I have to admit girly stuff is so fun to make!
But I felt a little guilty! LOL So here is my project for the boys! A cute little favor for a birthday party!


Sweet Treats Cartridge
Paper (paper was bought at Hobby Lobby)
Pop Dots
Glue Dots

On page 54 of the sweet treats cartridge I cut the cupcake holder using fit to page feature..it cut two at 5 1/2. Assemble boxes.
Next on page 53 I cut the scallop at 2" and then 3 scallops at 1 1/2 on the shadow feature.
Ink edges.
Cut a strip of paper 1 x 8 and adhere to inside of box.
I cut vehicles from the paper and adhered them to the 1 1/2 scallop. Using a glue dot I placed the scallops on a pixie stick and placed them in the box...I did use a mini glue dot to hold the pixie sticks up (placed on back of handle).
Fill box with more candy and you have the perfect treat!


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