Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"love" pops sucker treat holder

I am going to try something fun! Lately on all the blogs all the focus seems to be on all the new cartridges which is great, but there are alot of us that aren't able to get them right away! So I am going to work with some of the older cartridges and see what I can come up with thats new and exciting so you will want to dig out those cartridges!

So the next few projects I am going to work with the New Arrival cartridge! Who says it has to be used just for Baby! Today I made this cute and simple, yes so simple its scary! LOL, "love" pops sucker treat holder! Cute Huh!?

Here is what you need:
New arrival Cartridge
Acetate (if you prefer, you don't need it)
Suckers ( The ones I have I got at Dollar General 2 for $1.00 They are a large sucker)
Thats it~
Now for the instructions...
Select the card feature 1 button
Size should be at 3 1/2
Select the stroller on the keypad and cut!
Fold and add acetate if you choose too. There is the base!
Next cut out the word love at 2" cut this out twice in 2 coordinating colors, you need the heart to layer. Adhere to front of card base. Add ribbon, add sucker and I closed it shut with 2 glue dots!

Simple and super cute! This would make a great class treat!

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to tell
you that you have to
push the shift key then the stoller key.
Sorry if I confused anyone!

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  1. super cool, and I had the same idea on starting to use the older carts that I haven't been used as much or not at all. I am following you, you can follow me too if you want.