Monday, December 14, 2009

You turn my world upside down

Hi everyone!! Chrissy again! I am sharing this spinner card with you today and I made my first video ever! Whoo Hoo.. I only pray this works!
Heres the card...

And click here to view this video... I hope you enjoy it and let us know how yours turns out.... we'd love to see it!

Ps... This card and all the other cards and such I make will be for sale in my online store. There is a link to it on the right hand side of this blog. Its SHM Scrapbooking

I have one kit so you can make you own comes with everything you need to make this card.. see below.

Spinner Card kit
$5.00 includes shipping

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  1. Great card Chrissy, thanks for sharing. Your blog is nice girls. I too have a new blog, check it out: I signed up to follow yours dennisv (cricutrookie)