Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Treats Cupcake Party Favor

I just had to have this cartridge..there is so much fun & cute stuff on there! I love cupcakes so of course my first project had to have a cupcake on it! There is so much more to this cartridge thank just the images on the back. There is a tags feature, a cupcake wrapper feature button, a cards feature and the Party Favors feature, which is the project I did today.

Supplies needed:
Sweet Treats Cartridge
A variety of paper
Ribbon (if you choose)

First select the party favor feature, next load paper for box. Then select fit to page, it will cut at 4 1/4. Remember that size as all your layers will need to be cut at that size to fit. After your box is cut score all sides and set aside. Still on the party favor feature, select shift then the cupcake button (that will cut the side scallops) Next you will need to cut out your layers. I first cut the cupcake, then select shift and cupcake again, that will cut your bottom of cupcake. Next cut the frosting (Layer feature then cupcake button) then your heart (layer feature, shift then cupcake button). Assemble layers and add cupcake to box. I added a handle that was 8 1/2 x 1/2.

Thats it! Have fun!