Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pin wheel pixi stix

I promise to get some directions up for these as soon as I can... I worked today and now that I have the kids back home I am off to scouts!! I also just realized I missed Tuesday's post! I'm falling apart! I need another me! :)
The kiddos love these and I cant even begin to tell you how easy these are to make.... I know I know... I will. :) I'll be back!
Have a great night!


1 5x5 piece of patterned paper
1 pixi stix
1 brad

Score piece of paper in an X (so corner to corner)
Cut each score line almost to the center of the paper on all score lines
you will now have 4 triangles but all are still attached in the center!!!!
pierce a hole on the right hand corner of each triangle and fold each one into the center and add the brad then the pixi stix.

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